Patient Reviews

What our patients are saying about Santa Monica Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants.

Dr. Ting did an amazing job. Easiest procedure I’ve ever had. Highly recommend! The whole staff was very helpful and friendly. Gave me tons of information to make the whole process easier.

Jake H.

Dr. Gil Ivry and his staff are amazing. They made everything so easy and painless!! He was very thorough and explain everything in detail! Highly recommended!!!! Thank you.


Excellent, efficient, professional and personal care. You know you are in good hands at all times. As a physician I am well aware of how an office should be run. Both the staff and Clinicians are first rate.

Rob B., MD

Richard Ting, Howard Park, and Gil Ivry are 3 of the finest oral surgeons I know.I’m a referring dentist and can say that this is a very ethical practice that cares for their patients.5 years and hundreds of patients referred has shown me that patients appreciate their compassion and commitment to quality density.

Will C.

I was referred to Dr. Park for both my daughter’s and son’s wisdom teeth extraction – excellent experiences. Then I had to have one wisdom tooth taken out and I can say first hand that it went great. It took about 5 seconds and the tooth was out. He’s a combination of genius and Superman.


I am grateful to Dr. Ivry and his friendly staff for the expert care I received at Santa Monica Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants. I would recommend Dr. Ivry to anyone needing operative dental work.

Donna G.

I was referred by my dentist for a tooth extraction. The office is pristine and completely professional. Dr. Ivry and his team prepped me, pulled the tooth, and instructed me about the care involved following the procedure. Dr. Ivry made sure the procedure was pain free and that I was comfortable. I can’t say enough about Rosa and the rest of his team who are so professional and caring.

Lance Kinsey

I had two implants installed by Dr. Richard Ting on the same day. Dr. Ting was very caring, very considerate and his work was painless. I’m someone who dreads oral shots. I couldn’t feel a thing, truly! He told me what was going to happen prior to doing it. His staff was on point, every step of the way. Super professional and friendly. The end result? Two same day implants, zero stress and no need for an ibuprofen, let alone anything stronger to allieviate pain! 6 mos. later, my crowns are on their way and the work has been superb. Thank you so much, Dr. Ting and staff. You totally rock!

M. Control